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Tutor Is Hired To Teach...
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  1. Summarize the following in 5 bullet points.
  2. Title: "Tutor Is Hired To Teach A Boy, Unaware That The Psycho Boy Will Ruin His Life - YouTube"
  3. Transcript: "Ethan Campbell is a reserved, middle-aged private  tutor who is well-liked among affluent families for his exceptional teaching skills, and  ability to connect with teenagers. Most of his time is spent tutoring preppy students  at their luxurious mansions and apartments.   As he eagerly anticipates the arrival of his baby boy with his beloved girlfriend, Annie,  Ethan's life is brimming with joy and fulfillment. One day, Ethan gets a call from the firm's  manager, Chris, who has exciting news fo r him; a wealthy client is willing to pay him a whopping  $2500 a day to tutor his son, Jackson. Moreover,  they will pay him under the table, but Ethan must  stay on the premise for a week on a trial basis. Seeing it as a golden opportunity to earn  extra money for his impending role as a father, Ethan happily agrees to the contract. The following day, the driver for the wealthy family takes Ethan to the mansion. Inside the mansion, he meets Jackson, and starts  the session with him by giving h im 25 minutes to complete the test. While waiting for Jackson  to finish it, Ethan couldn't hide his curiosity after arriving at their magnificent mansion, so he  goes all around the house. He then meets Jackson’s cousins, Gavin, and his girlfriend Jenny. And then, when he returns to Jackson, he is impressed by Jackson's impressive knowledge  and lightning-fast problem-solving skills. He even asks if he has seen the test before. While  exploring the Bungalow, he stumbles upon the odd couple agai n, and Ethan notices that  Jenny can't stop looking at him. The next day, things start to get peculiar when Jackson is  asked about his father's profession. Rather than answering directly, he hesitates and mentions that  he's not allowed to disclose that information. And when asked about his mother, Jackson reveals  that she was sent away and never returned. He suddenly inquires about the child Ethan and  his girlfriend are expecting, despite the fact that Ethan has never told him about it, whic h  raises suspicion. Although there is something about the boy that bothered him, Ethan brushes  it off and focuses solely on teaching him. Later on in the evening, when Ethan goes  outside to smoke, he notices that Jackson is creepily staring at him from inside the house. The following day, Jackson even begs him to take his picture with Ethan's camera,  even though Ethan thinks it's gay. Later that night, after having a phone call with  his girlfriend, Ethan is suddenly approached by Jackson in his room. Here Jackson  owns up to his lie about his mother, where he reveals that she didn't actually  get sent away but rather left willingly. And to Ethan’s shock, Jackson rests his head  on his lap to open up about his traumatic past. Ethan listens with empathy as Jackson  shares how his father never approved of him, and how the hatred has only grown over time.  Ethan then relates deeply to Jackson's story, as he remembers his own childhood trauma of growing  up with a racist, angry, and al coholic father. Ethan's mother eventually departed, leaving him  alone to deal with a strained and unresolved relationship with his father. After sharing his  grieves with Ethan, Jackson gets off the sofa and, with a smile on his face, remarks that Ethan  is a good listener and a special person. Things get awkward for Ethan when Jackson approaches him again the next day, and invites him to a special dinner to mark the end of their sessions. Jackson says that  Ethan is so cool that he wants to ge t to know him, but Ethan declines to join the dinner and  confronts Jackson about his odd behavior. Later that night, Ethan regrets hurting Jackson’s  feelings; after all, he was getting paid more than his usual charge. He goes upstairs to apologize  and walks into Jackson’s room to find him, only to accidentally stumble upon Jackson's open laptop. To his shock, he discovers photos of himself and his girlfriend, clearly showing  somebody has been stalking him. Without uttering a word, he leaves the room, and  questions Jackson about it the next day. Instead of clarifying the situation, Jackson breaks down  into tears, and starts beating himself maniacally. Ethan follows Jackson as he storms out of the  room, only to come face to face with Jackson's father, and one of Gavin's friends, Teddi. Despite Ethan's concerns, the man reassures him about Jackson's mental health, instructing  him to handle Jackson the hard way. In order to put an end to all this madness, Ethan says  goodbye to Jac kson's father and apologizes for missing tonight's dinner. On his way  home, he learns from Chris that Jackson's father has offered to triple his day rate for  the summer, if he continues tutoring Jackson. With a baby on the way, Ethan reluctantly  agrees to take the job, seeing the $8,000 paycheck as a means to provide for his family. To celebrate the good news, Ethan and Annie host a fancy dinner with their friends. Everything is going great until Ethan, under the influence of alcohol, makes inappropriate comments about Jackson being a psycho and having some sort of bipolar episode,  leaving Annie and their guests uncomfortable. Out of nowhere, Jackson appears, and introduces  himself to Annie, he is obviously frustrated by Ethan's remarks. After saying that his family  owns this building, he immediately departs from the restaurant, which makes Ethan feel bad.  Annie is fed up with Ethan's strange conduct and constant mean comments about a seemingly innocent  teenager. She believes he embarrasses himself and her in front of their friends, and it is not  the first time he has done so while intoxicated. Ethan apologizes, finally realizing that  Jackson is just a spoiled kid and nothing else. The next day, Jackson invites Ethan to his  townhouse instead of their regular class in the Bungalow. However, when Ethan arrives, Jackson  is nowhere to be found, and he's left waiting for hours. Feeling embarrassed about his previous  behavior, Ethan decides to wait and apologize. Sinc e Jackson is stuck in traffic  and won't come for another hour, he instructs Ethan to make himself comfortable  and enjoy some fruit if he’s hungry. After eating some of the strawberries, he pulls out his camera and takes pictures around the house. However, things take an unexpected  turn when Ethan starts to feel uneasy, and goes unconscious. The next thing he knows, he wakes up in the lake,  struggling to stay afloat. Luckily, he manages to survive, but when he returns home, nobody  believes t hat he is drugged and thrown into the lake by Jackson. Even his wife Annie thinks he is  lying since Ethan has cheated on her in the past. The icing on the cake is that some woman called in  his absence, and now Annie thinks Ethan is having an affair. Here Ethan finally reaches his breaking  point and lashes out at Annie for her mistrust. The next day, he discovers the name of  the drug Jackson may have given him, providing a possible explanation for what  happened. Annie pretends to believe in him since she can't bring herself to believe  that a teenager drugged and drowned him. As Ethan sifts through Jackson's  photographs, searching for answers, he discovers something shocking beyond his  expectations. He stumbles upon pictures of himself lying unconscious on a bed, while Teddi  is seen trying to seduce him, creating the false impression that he was involved in an affair. Whatever Jackson is planning, it has gone too far. Despite Jackson's increasingly dangerous and  harmful actions , Ethan still hesitates to report him to the cops, possibly because of Jackson's  wealth and connections to high authorities. His suspicions are further heightened by the fact  that Jackson has been unresponsive for days, and when he goes to check, he discovers that Jackson  doesn't even attend the school he claimed to. To make matters worse, Chris calls Ethan and  informs him that his session has been canceled, due to Jackson's accusations of torture, and that  they found a bruise on Jackson’s leg. Despite his attempts to explain the truth, Chris believes  Jackson's false allegations, and fires Ethan not only for misconduct with his student, but also  for having an affair with Teddi. Even stranger, Jackson’s father claims that he never met Ethan. The situation has gone from bad to worse for Ethan, leaving him unemployed, distressed, and  in self-doubt. On his job hunt the following day, Ethan stumbles upon Jackson, and a tense exchange  erupts, with Jackson reminding Ethan of his hate ful remarks about him from their night at  the restaurant. Ethan threatens to ruin him if he dares to come near his family, but Jackson  keeps blaming Ethan for what he’s done to him. Later on, Ethan's situation spirals out of  control, as Jackson brings him to the police station, accusing him of an assault with video  evidence from CCTV. The image of the man is not too clear, and Ethan adds that Jackson did it on  purpose. Meanwhile, Jackson turns to Annie for sympathy, portraying Ethan as a da ngerous person.  Sadly, it appears that Annie has been convinced by Jackson's side of the story, and Ethan doesn't  know why Jackson is trying to ruin his life. Annie thinks about this entire situation, and finally  inquires Ethan about a woman named Rachel Platt. As it turns out, Rachel Platt was Jackson's  mother, who tragically drowned in the lake ten years ago. Ethan reveals that he had dated Rachel  in the past when her marriage was not working out, but their relationship had ended before her death, which he believed was a suicide. He also mentions that Rachel had struggled with  mental health issues, and now he suspects that Jackson may have inherited them as well. Jackson  apparently believes that her mother was murdered, and blames Ethan for it. Because of  her pregnancy, Annie can't handle the distressing news, and thus asks Ethan to  leave and give her some space for a few days. Over the next few days, Ethan searches tirelessly  for Jackson, while spending nights in his car, but the boy seems to have vanished without a trace. He  even attempts to visit Jackson's Bungalow, but is met with confusion as the place belongs to Teddi's  family, who claim that they don't know Jackson. In frustration, Ethan lashes out at Teddi, and  is subsequently thrown out of the Bungalow. Determined to find evidence against Jackson,  he breaks into his townhouse, and just as he came across his half-eaten strawberry, security  caught him in the act. At the police station, Ethan continues to plead for his innocence, and  asks them to question Jackson’s father about Jackson’s behavioral problem if required. But his  claim about contacting Jackson's father is proven false, as it turns out that Jackson’s father  died three years ago due to cancer. Therefore, the cops order him not to leave the city  for a few weeks until the case is solved. As Ethan exits the police station, he receives  a phone call from Jackson, who insists on a meeting to settle things once and for all. If  Etha n wants to avoid this continuous charade, he has to meet Jackson at the location where  Rachel died. In an effort to clear up the misunderstanding, Ethan reluctantly heads to  Rachel's Bungalow, where he used to meet her. Upon arriving, he sees Jackson, who begins to  recount the events leading up to his mother's death. Her body had been found two miles  downstream with no water in her lungs, indicating that she had been killed before  being pushed into the water. Jackson points out other pieces of evidence, such  as her stuck heel on the deck, and the fact that her head was slammed against  the deck with such force that it cracked the wood. Plus, the police had determined that this  was the exact spot where Rachel had died, and this information was marked as confidential  in their report, known only to Jackson, his father, and of course, the killer. The point is that Jackson never tells Ethan where they should meet, and it's quite strange that  Ethan knows exactly where Rachel died. B ut Ethan says that anyone can figure out the place of her  death, considering the fact that the water current runs straight to where her body was found. As the sun set on the horizon, Annie's  anxiety grew with each passing minute. She keeps staring at a tracker app on  her phone, hoping that Ethan is alright. Meanwhile, Ethan has regained consciousness,  and the moment he wakes up, he continues to refute Jackson’s claim and tries to calmly make  him understand how it was all a big mistake. As J ackson threatens to kill him, Ethan finally  reveals that he was there with her the night she died, but he left before she committed suicide. Since her husband gave her the ultimatum that she couldn't leave her family, Ethan begged to her to spend one more night with him at the dock. But in the end, Rachel didn't want Ethan to leave because she  was madly in love with him. Rachel got hysterical, but Ethan didn't know she would kill herself,  and he regrets leaving her alone that day. At this poi nt, we think that Jackson will agree  with the story. However, he had read his mother’s diary, which clearly states how Ethan was in  love with her, whereas she considered their relationship a weekend affair. She says that  Ethan was a hopeless interloper, and that he was obsessed with her, while she had lost interest in  him. It was clear that Rachel was scared of him, and believed he was mentally unstable. She  also noticed how desperate Ethan was to belong to a world he was not born into. Fin Annie, who has arrived  at the mansion to look for him. Despite his attempts to convince her that he has nothing to do  with Rachel's death, Annie can no longer believe him. With no option left, he decides to silence  her since she is now a witness to his confession. But before he can do anything, Jackson emerges  from under the dock and shoots Ethan with a pistol he grabbed earlier. Because of the bullet wounds,  Et"
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  5. A private tutor named Ethan Campbell is offered a $2500 a day job to tutor a wealthy client's son named Jackson for a week. As he spends more time with Jackson, Ethan starts noticing his odd behavior, including staring at him creepily and asking about his personal life. Jackson also reveals that his mother left willingly, and Ethan discovers photos of himself and his girlfriend on Jackson's laptop. When Ethan confronts Jackson, he breaks down into tears, and his father assures Ethan that Jackson has mental health issues and needs to be handled the hard way. Despite this, Ethan takes a job to tutor Jackson for the summer with a $8000 paycheck to provide for his family. However, at a dinner party celebrating the good news, Ethan makes inappropriate comments about Jackson, causing him to appear and leave the party frustrated.

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