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  1. Ok. Not gonna lie this is a bit of shitpost but I want to share the sad story of Hyodal.  Who is Hyodal? Well…it’s an otter plushie. A very meaningful plushie. In November 2021, ONF’s Korean members announced their collective enlistment, sad month for the fandom (fuse). A few days into hiatus, a korean fuse finds a cute otter plushie in the shop of an aquarium. They share their discovery on twitter: it looks like a member of the group (Hyojin) with his shaved military head.  Korean fuses raided the aquarium shop to buy the otter. Gave it a name (Hyojin+sudal= Hyodal) and started to make questionable edits featuring its cute little face. The fandom collectively decided to GET THAT OTTER. Unfortunately it’s was really hard. The plushie manufacturer is located in Japan and discontinued the model, the remaining ones are only sold in aquariums.  With a lot of work from the fandom, the manufacturer was convinced to produce the model again. It was restocked. Since last year it’s the best selling plushie on their website. The company even started to create different sizes and colors models. Sales were almost exclusively carried by fuses.  Hyodal is the symbol of ONF’s enlistment. Kfuse were able to gift Hyojin his own Hyodal for his birthday during the military musical. He even has is own photocard with Hyodal (onf’s most expensive photocard ever). It has been considered as unofficial merch, entire projects are built around it…long story short it’s meaningful.  And here comes the sad part. Few days ago Dino from Seventeen celebrates his birthday. One of the main character of the bd live is a cute otter plushie he was gifted by Jeonghan. The exact same as Hyodal. Obviously carats love that otter as well. His name is Chandal. It’s is such a huge fandom compare to us, our meaningful little otter is now also theirs.  Obviously it’s dumb as hell to want to gatekeep an otter doll. Yet as dumb as it is I can’t help to feel a bit sad because it won’t be associated with our fandom anymore. Deer carats have a lovely time with your

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