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Weird text
By Guest on 1st March 2023 05:47:42 AM | Syntax: TEXT | Views: 1

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  1. Why i am completely not mature? (i don't know if i saying why i am not mature completely or i am saying is my experince in school or something shit)
  2. I will explain it.. But it's not 100% accuracy ok?
  3. By the i don't care if you think this is true or not Since You think im PALUSOT BOY.
  5. Well my mom doesn't apply me in daycare she apply me in kindergarden instead because im already 5 years old..
  6. I was always a crybaby and mamasboy when my mom leave me in school.. But kindergarden teacher cared of me well thanks to her
  7. But atleast i got learning so much on kindergarden.
  9. Well in grade 1 the my nightmare has started..
  10. 5 people's bully me when im studying and yes.. i can't focus on studying (Why not to report them? Well something but i think my bullies ay tita ng teacher ko)
  11. I remember how they call me "Nerd Gay", "Weak" "Coward" Painful words.. and i can't fight them since my body is a shit
  12. Well i am not crybaby on that anymore
  14. Well grade 2 isn't very nightmare to me..
  15. just annoying people but i succeed it.. well i am top 12 :/
  17. In grade 3-4 is like of my grade 1 experience except grade 5 because it's my fav school childhood since i got my first gold meda
  18. I've been waiting for Grade 6 but covid 19 is rising and yes.. stay at home
  19. So it made modular learning system but it worst for me.. STAYING AT HOME LIKE A JAIL, NO SPENDING TIME WITH MY FAMILY SINCE THEY ARE VERY BUSY
  20. But grade 8 (today it's like half of my old school experience..)
  21. Annoying people..
  22. I am top 8 on my class but im am only boys who goes on top in the school.. in december 2022 my boy classmates are saying to me "Wow top 8 Pero puro babae yung kasama magiging bakla ka na hahahahaha"
  23. but idc about that
  29. In grade 5, my maturing has started growing.. But the developing is very very slow and today my maturing is only minimal, very minimal..
  30. In 2020 grade 6 i discovered blockman go..
  32. I am still kid brain for a reason and i think it's my disease that won't surgery quickly in 2018 and today i am still not getting surgery
  33. i remembered my moves is like a 8 years old when i am 11 years old..
  35. By the way im sorry for judging you yesterday..
  36. I was a very fucking stupid as hell
  37. Now i understand you are just protecting your self.
  39. And why i not explain this when you want to know it yesterday?
  40. Shy..
  41. Imagine you are first to make judging people and other said "why you are judging like a kid" and you refuse it to explain because you shy..
  42. Very Weird right?
  43. Well im always weirdo Kid
  44. Feel free to judge this message when you saw some shit or something..
  46. Thanks for reading this VERY WEIRD MESSAGE

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