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  1. Leveraging unique creative and analytical work, Svetlana helps companies build groundbreaking products and connect with consumers throughout the entire customer journey, both offline and online.
  2. Her bespoke services include planning, development and execution of all aspects of strategic and operational marketing, including international strategic marketing, regional and global brand launch, go-to-market strategies, market research and consumer insights, positioning, integrated marketing campaigns within paid and owned channels, retail and outdoor advertising, digital marketing, in-product experiences, customer loyalty programs, brand management, intellectual property management for brands.
  3. She has a multi-industry experience, including consumer packaged goods, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, in international and cross-functional teams in a fast-paced and growth environment.
  4. She can provide fresh and practical perspectives on consumer trends and local nuances of doing marketing in both the West (Europe, North America) and the East (South Korea, Japan, Singapore). She has an extensive network of high-level freelancers who can help with specific tasks needed for a project.
  5. Having a keen interest in technology, she is a contributing author for business and tech media, including The Next Web, The European Business Review, Maddyness UK, ParlayMe (UK).
  6. Svetlana is a member of Internet Marketing Association, Women in Tech network, International Intellectual Property Law Association.

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